About Us

Carib Power Corp. is a joint venture between a team of leading Canadian renewable power companies to provide integrated power solutions in the Caribbean. All the partners have extensive experience in their respective field of renewable energy, and together the capabilities to deliver fully integrated renewable energy solutions for both on and off-grid applications.

In addition to our ability to provide turn-key systems to operators, we have the financing capabilities to own and operate our systems, allowing for the installation of reliable and renewable clean energy systems with no upfront capital cost. In these projects, we build systems on client sites and sell energy as an energy provider.

About the partner firms

GPEC - http://www.gpecglobal.com

GPEC's global mission is to improve the environment and the quality of life for millions of people by providing clean, renewable electricity and by reducing the need for landfills. GPEC specializes in the design, construction, and operation of biomass power plants. With a highly experienced team of engineers, GPEC has significantly advanced the science of biomass energy production and developed systems that provide up to 50% more energy from waste than traditional systems, shorter build times, and reduced maintenance needs.

GPEC is headquartered in Canada and has 20 years of experience in the field.

Green-Able - http://www.green-able.com

Green-Able is a provider of renewable energy systems and related energy management, wastewater management, and energy conservation solutions. Green-Able's core offering is solar (photovoltaic) and wind and energy systems, with additional services including energy and water sub-metering, energyefficient lighting systems, and energy conservation systems. Green-Able's team of project managers, engineers, and electricians also supports general multi-residential, commercial, and industrial electrical needs.