Biomass Solutions

Carib Power Corp's biomass solutions produce clean renewable energy from municipal waste, providing a reliable source of baseload energy while diverting garbage away from landfills.

By transforming waste into energy, our solutions both reduce the need for landfill sites, as well as reduce associated problems such as odours and groundwater contamination. Our waste pre-processing and secondary waste heat recovery technology is 50% more efficient in capturing energy from waste than traditional mass burn incinerators. A three-stage emissions control system minimizes harmful emissions, making this energy source not only cost-effective and renewable, but also clean.

How it Works

Carib Power Corp member company GPEC Global is one of the world's leading waste-to-energy providers, with significant experience in the design, construction, and management of waste-to-energy solutions.

Our waste-to-energy system is a product of significant international experience with many projects, and our focus on continuous innovation and improvement, which has allowed us to improve energy output by over 50% compared with traditional systems:

  1. Metal, glass, and plastic (PVC) are removed and sent for recycling (revents generation of dioxins, furans and heavy metal oxides)
  2. Remaining waste is shredded, resulting in a uniform-sized blend of biomass fuel
  3. Fuel is metered into the gasification system, releasing moisture and any volatile gas
  4. Overfire air is injected to initiate the second stage combustion
  5. Underfire air mixes with the remaining fixed carbons (charcoal) to complete the combustion process
  6. Fly ash is minimized by superheating the solids without igniting them, and combusting on the resulting gasses in the upper portion of the chamber
  7. A patented combination of multi-cyclones, wet scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators are used to treat remaining contaminants in the flue gas

The unique grate cycling pattern creates the optimum fuel bed profile together with complete combustion air control to achieve the highest degree of efficiency, resulting in minimal emissions. GPEC's innovative waste preprocessing and secondary waste heat recovery captures 50% more energy from waste than traditional mass burn incinerators. Modular designs and pre-fabricated system components permit a faster implementation than field erected waste-to-energy facilities.

Biomass solutions provided in partnership with GPEC Global